As part of our ongoing commitment to the New World customer, we offer a 1 year parts guarantee and a 1 year labour warranty on all products.

Our Spare Parts all come with a 1 year guarantee.

Extended Warranty

If you wish to purchase an extended warranty for your appliance please contact our Customer Service department on 0344 815 3747.

Register your Product

To register for the guarantee you can:-
a) complete the registration form that comes with your new appliance,
b) register online at www.newworldappliances.co.uk,
c) call FREE 0800 952 1071.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Guarantee Terms and Conditions

All appliances manufactured by New World carry a free guarantee which protects you against the cost of repairs in the first 12-months from data of purchase provided ;
a) The guarantee registration card is completed and posted within 30 days of purchase, or the online registration form is completed & sent within 30 days of purchase.
b) Claims are accompanied by evidence of the date of purchase, such as a sales receipt, showing that the appliance was bought within 12-months prior to the date of claim.
c) The appliance was correctly installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and used solely for domestic purposes.
d) The defect was not due to accident, misuse, unauthorised modification or inexpert repair.

Consumable parts, such as fuses in plugs and bulbs, which require routine replacement are excluded from the guarantee.

Your guarantee is valid only in the UK.

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